Restaurant Interior Design

A restaurant is a high-end and sophisticated service that is influenced by not just the food but the overall ambiance of the place. Today, an extravagant and lavish lifestyle is preferred and so are the dining spaces. Restaurant interior designing plays an important role in how you want to present your restaurant; hence we at 29Design Studio aimed to provide a wide range of styles suiting your purpose, ranging from luxurious and classy to modern and casual restaurant interior concepts.


The customer should feel extra special. Undoubtedly, you are fulfilling the needs with your impeccable hospitality skills. However, an amiable ambiance with proper lighting that complements the ethos of your cuisine will surely have your customer fascinated.

Restaurant interior design
is not just a matter of aesthetics but the optimum use of the human senses to enhance the experience. Pleasing music for the ears, relevant color combinations for the eyes, furniture in good material, and textures for the touch can make the place more appealing. The Restaurant Interior Designer must understand the client’s wants and needs, and our interior designers always keep in mind clients’ restaurant design requirements and then use our talents and skills to create the experience that makes patrons feel like they have escaped the stresses and perils of the outside world.

While the use of appropriate lighting can stimulate a warm and cozy feeling or a formal tone (as per the need), mere alternation of colors can trigger appetite. Further, good exterior lighting can charm potential customers to your restaurant. Such is the importance of interior design which can influence the behavior of a person to a great extent. At 29Design Studio, we make a deliberate effort to pay attention to every minute detail which can assist an exquisite restaurant interior design services.

From the restaurant interior concept of layouts, furniture, lighting, and color theme, we at 29 Design Studio emphasize each element explicitly to achieve the restaurant design theme as per the client’s restaurant interior requirement. Since diners will be spending a significant amount of time at your place, you would want it to be a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere at your restaurant as a part of the interior.


At 29Design Studio, we stress incorporating creativity and innovation in the necessities of a commercial environment. Hence, producing an aesthetically appealing as well as functional dining space, increasing customers’ interest in the place. We intend to achieve subtle detailing and a terrific atmosphere with our modular and flexible planning which in turn aids to achieve an elegant restaurant interior design.


Our restaurant interior design styles are not just trendy but economical as well, encompassing all the basic amenities as well as an appealing ambiance to the space.

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